Over the last decades world population has not only increased dramatically, urbanisation has developed at an even faster pace. More people now live in urban areas than ever before, not only in absolute numbers, also percentage wise. With this trend continuing in the foreseeable future, expanding cities will become more and more dependent on shr​inking rural areas and a declining number of rural people and farmers. Food and food production is essential and strategic for every country. With urbanisation other challenges arise around logistics, foodwaste, foodsafety & food security. Within this challenging and new environment, Coparan Investments is well positioned to be part of the solution.

At Coparan we are very much aware that we cannot solve everything ourselves. On the other hand that is not an excuse for not taking responsibility or for inaction. We are convinced that a multistakeholder approach is needed in order to build strong value chains. We need to work with our partners to build a successful business and businesses. We are a partner ourselves.

In order to achieve our goal and to grow sustainable businesses we balance between local implementation and central efficiency. Sharing of knowledge, shorter and more efficient value chains will stimulate innovation, better distribution of margins and connect urban population with rural businesses.​