• Projects


To show substance to the earlier pages we regulary post updates on projects we are working on.

Since the inception of Coparan Investments last year our focus has been on identifying the first business opportunities that show growth potential with our combined financial and operational approach. In line with our mission we need to be able to shorten the value chain, create local positive social impact and sustainably grow local rural businesses.

Project Tomato: we have started investing in a new venture which focusses on finding alternative use and value adding purposes for tomatoes. The general business idea behind this project is to create a product that is authentic for the region (tomatoes are one of the core products in the region) but new in it’s form. This will offer tasty new consumer products and an alternative way to the market for tomato growers. The products will be developed in close coordination with local tomato growers.

Project Fresh: There are many ways people nowadays have access to healthy and fresh products. Fresh products are the easiest way to astablish the link between producer and consumer, one of our targets. Convenience of fresh food is however sometimes a burden or can create an obstacle for consuming when and where you want. In the Fresh project we are looking into various possibilities, from exciting new product development to effient logistics and reduction of food waste.

Both projects are developed within Coparan Food Group, our daughter company in which we bring innovative food concepts to the market ourselves.